The fun starts at 9.30am with a hot drink and a pastry.  The aim of the day is to network, learn and contribute.

After a quick introduction from the organisers and audience , anyone can pitch a session. This is how we create the session grid (the agenda).

If you have a session idea, come to the front and pitch it to the room.  Depending on the reaction (boos or claps) it will be accepted or rejected in the day grid.

If you're running a session you'll get allocated a room and time slot.  If you just want to attend, pick and choose any topic/room that you want to visit.

If you run a session you are essentially "chairing" it based on the ideas in your head.

The sessions are non-formal and should be treated as conversations.  This is a No PowerPoint zone!  If you don't like a session, you can always leave and go into another.

At the end of the day we convene and round up.  There's probably an after party too 🙂

Have a look at the video below for some insight into a previous local government camp


The agenda consist of 5 parallel topics over 4 time-slots.

Click here to see the timetable/grid