At the start of the day we’ll ask people who are interested in running a session to tell everyone what they’d like to talk about (known as ‘pitching’). We’ll be providing “post-it” notes and voting dots so that you can fill up the agenda in any way you like.

Good pitches tend to:

  • contain a clear and succinct title or description
  • contain 1 clear question or issue
  • be topical or timely

We’d like you to pitch a session but being a passive is OK too

We’d like there to be a really diverse, interesting range of sessions. This makes Stakecamp work for everyone.

If you want to talk about something other people will want to talk about it too. So step up and pitch.

Everyone has an equal right to pitch a session. There’s no hierarchy at Stakecamp, it belongs to all of us. We make it work together. So please pitch even if you’re new to unconferences in general.

What happens in a session?

Each session takes place in a meeting room. We have various sizes of room available.

There will be a table and chairs. The assumption is that everything happens in the open, so if you don’t want to be quoted in the notes please make sure you say that clearly.

We don’t provide any other equipment for sessions other than flip charts and WiFi.

What makes a good session?

Each person will have their own ideas about what makes a good session.  Pitchers are frequently just facilitators who might have experience in a particular domain or a passion for an issue.

Good sessions tend to:

  • have someone who introduces the session and gets things going (the pitcher)
  • have a clearly defined scope / question(s) and some discipline about sticking to it
  • encourage discussion, with a chance for everyone to participate – they are not meant for product demonstrations, sales pitches, lectures, diatribes or monologues
  • include a few minutes at the end to close the session down, rather than just running out of steam / time
  • generate ideas for things people can do after camp