Each year we raise sponsorship. This helps make the day happen, everything from t-shirts to lunch is paid for by sponsors.  Sometimes fringe events too 🙂

We have four different levels of sponsorship; bronze, silver, gold and platinum, and other ways to support us such as website hosting, media coverage, etc.

Sponsorship rules

All organisations and individuals are welcome to sponsor, provided you always follow our code of conduct and these ways of working that are important to us:  We…

  • let our attendees pitch instead of having keynote speeches
  • prioritise ideas and discussion over boring sales pitches
  • encourage talking and engagement over death by powerpoint
  • support inclusion over “non-competitor” agreements
  • value our attendees privacy so we don’t release their data

Bronze <£250

  • Logo or name on promo giveaway/website/slides on the day
  • Send us your pop up stand if you have one
  • Short paragraph included in some event emails
  • NB: Bronze level does not include a ticket to the event



Silver £250 to £499

  • everything in bronze plus…
    • your materials in the event goodie bags
    • tweet-length announcement during the morning intros
    • @stakecamp announcement
    • 1 attendee ticket

Gold £500 to £999

  • everything in bronze and silver plus…
    • 2 attendee tickets

Platinum >£999

  • everything in bronze, silver and gold plus…
    • 30 seconds to say something funny during the morning intros
    • the opportunity to sponsor a specific component of the event such as:
      – Saturday’s post event drinks and food
      – Friday’s pre event drinks and food
      – Food during the event
      – Dedicated WiFi (venue permitting)
      – Combined company & stakecamp logo stickers
      – Anything else you can think of…

These opportunities are open to multiple platinum sponsors but if you would like to be a sole sponsor of a component, additional sponsorship may be necessary to ensure the cost is covered if over £1k and to offset others not being able to contribute.

  • Media coverage
    We have 5 tickets for people who cover the event. Are you a journalist, blogger, podcaster or other media savvy individual? Let us know!